This topic investigates the demands (i.e. information and data) that arise from policy implementation to inform other AQUACROSS topic areas. Initial work identifies the main international, European and Member States level policy drivers affecting biodiversity conservation targets (negatively or positively) at different scales of application through top-down and bottom-up approaches. Later work focuses on identifying synergies, opportunities and barriers between the specific operational features of existing environmental and related sectoral policies in Europe that are relevant for the protection of aquatic ecosystems. Ultimately, this work determines the extent of existing and planned EU policies to achieve or hinder achieving EU and International Biodiversity Targets. Finally, AQUACROSS synthesises the insights gained from the undertaken project work so as to provide policy-relevant information, guiding ecosystem-based management implementation to acheive the EU biodiversity targets in aquatic ecosystems in all regions of Europe, as well as potentially beyond Europe.

Work Packages Overview