Javier Goyeneche is a sustainability-focused business executive and entrepreneur. He is president of the Spanish fashion brand, Ecoalf, which he founded in 2009. Ecoalf aims to be a truly sustainable fashion brand. By using fabrics and materials made from recycled material and with a special focus on the ocean, Ecoalf produces fashionable clothes that address key environmental problems of production, consumerism and waste. Through active international alliances with producers, Ecoalf has taken discarded fishing nets, plastic bottles, old car tires, post-industrial cotton, and even coffee grinds and turned them into fashionable outerwear, swimsuits, sneakers, and accessories. Ecoalf has worked with recognised international brands including Apple, Coca-Cola, and Marc Jacobs and is carried by hundreds of stores around the world.


Prior to Ecoalf, Javier Goyeneche founded and ran another fashion label, Fun & Basics. Within ten years this had expanded to over 70 stores and was sold in more than 350 retail outlets, winning Mr. Goyeneche an award as Best Young Entrepreneur in Madrid. He studied Business Administration at the European School of Business in London and later earned a Master in International Marketing Strategies at Northwestern University, in Chicago, USA.