Dr. Leonie Robinson is a Lecturer in Marine Biology at the University of Liverpool, UK. Leonie holds an honours degree in Marine Biology and a PhD in Marine Ecology from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne. Her research background is in community ecology of marine ecosystems with particular reference to understanding the drivers, both natural and anthropogenic, of variability in temporal and spatial dynamics. Her work currently focuses on the application of ecological theory in underpinning management of marine resources (particularly: ecosystem-based management (EBM); ecosystem approaches to fisheries management; integrated assessment and ecological risk assessment). Leonie recently led the pan-European EU FP7 project “ODEMM”: Options for Delivering Ecosystem-Based Marine Management, which developed tools and understanding to help operationalise EBM across European regional seas. Alongside AQUACROSS, she is currently working with the European Environment Agency to develop policy-relevant ecosystem assessments based around the relationship of ecosystem state with supply of ecosystem services and natural capital. She is a member of the ICES Working Group on Ecosystem Effects of Fishing.