Dr. Koen Martens is Head of Research and evolutionary biologist at RBINS. He has published 18 books, 160+ ISI papers and c 400 other contributions on taxonomy, ecology and evolution of non-marine invertebrates. He has successfully coordinated a TMR research network and an MC-RTN network and was P.I. of the FP7 BioFresh project at RBINS. He was scientist in charge of previous individual Marie Curie grants. He was co-PI of an EU-INCO project on Lake Malawi, and was promoter of the Belgian Biodiversity Platform at the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences. Martens is a visiting professor at the University of Ghent (Belgium) and was full professor in animal systematics and zoogeography at the University of Amsterdam (The Netherlands, 2003-2004). He is Editor in Chief of the international journal Hydrobiologia, for which he assesses more than 1000 submissions per year.