Dr. Gabriel Lupu is a senior researcher at INCDDD – Tulcea (Romania) and holds his PhD in Biology from the Ovidius University Constanta in Romania. He is specialised in Biology–Invertebrate Ecology, with 11 years research experience at the Department of Conservation of Biodiversity and Sustainable Development of INCDDD, were he made some improvements in addition to the scientific research in the field of terrestrial macroinvertebrates of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. Gabriel has been involved in projects, such as the implementation and the design of the web database of Natura 2000 network in Romania (2004–2012), Corine Land Cover (2006–2007), “Support for the Establishment of the Integrated National Register of Wild Species of Flora and Fauna and Natural Habitats of Community Interest from Romania” (2009–2011), Habit Change (2010–2013) and Monitoring of Natura 2000 Species at National Level in 2015. He is currently involved in “Strengthening the Natura 2000 network” project that implements recommendations of 2012 biogeographical seminar for Romania.