Managing interactions between socio-economic and ecological systems is complex. What do we need to know? What works? And what is the way forward?

The Executive Summary of the AQUACROSS Innovative Concept provides a clear and concise over-view of key scientific concepts and approaches to managing aquatic ecosystems with an analysis of their strengths and weaknesses while the full report goes in depth. Key critical issues for the project’s future work as well as the broader science and business community are analyzed. The Innovative Concept and its summary include 6 cutting edge and original visualization infographics.

AQUACROSS aims to mobilize and integrate knowledge to understand how social and ecological systems are linked. By then elaborating these linkages, the social-ecological system as a whole can be better understood, as can the role of mutual adaptation and co-evolution within the system.

The full report AQUACROSS Innovative Concept and the summary are available below:

AQUACROSS Innovative Concept