The AQUACROSS Ecosystem-Based Management Cookbook is a practical guide for policymakers and environmental managers to apply ecosystem-based management to protect aquatic biodiversity and improve social welfare. As well as offering a step-by-step guide and practical examples from the AQUACROSS Case Studies, the Cookbook also summarises the AQUACROSS results and makes final project recommendations, relevant for Europe, national, and regional policymakers working on water, marine, and biodiversity, as well as related sectors such as agriculture, power, and tourism. The Cookbook (Deliverable 3.3) is the final publication of the AQUACROSS project, and is the result of 3.5 years of interdisciplinary research and practice in Europe’s lakes, rivers, coasts, and oceans. The Cookbook consists of 38 interlinked and dynamic 2-page briefs, and all available online. Head to to find out more!