AQUACROSS Case Study 1: North Sea one-page summary

Short and to-the-point sumaries of the AQUACROSS case studies are now available! The AQUACROSS Case Studies provide eight real-world examples of applying ecosystem-based management in Europe’s inland, transitional, and marine waters to protect local biodiversity from diverse threats. Each case study applied the AQUACROSS Asessment Framework, working closely with local policy-makers and environmental managers, as well as diverse stakeholders (including fishers, farmers, tourism operators, and environmental groups) to apply and test ecosystem-based management on the ground. The wide range of threats, realms, key sectors, and strengths mean that these eight case studies offer diverse specific examples and practical insight into how and when ecosystem-based management can be used. This diversity means that one or more of the case studies should numerous ways of how ecosystem-based management can incrementally improve biodiversity protection so that ecosystems can continue to deliver valuable services that support human well-being.

These one page summaries are a great way to get acquainted with the case studies, while more detail on each case study - including local language summaries and a full case study report - can be found at the case studies page. Each of the posters can be viewed individually, or are available as a 10 page publication.