Dr. Liliana Török is a senior researcher, Scientific Director of the Danube Delta National Institute for Research and Development (INCDDD), holds a PhD in Biology from the Ovidius University Constanta in Romania. Her research and consultancy work is related to aquatic biodiversity, eutrophication in freshwater, environmental impact assessments (cooling waters of Cernavoda nuclear power plant) and ecological rehabilitation of wetlands. Liliana has performed studies on phytoplankton from the Lower Danube Region (including the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve) in the frame of various national projects, in the frame of the projects financed by GEF/World Bank, UNDP, PHARE, the EU Framework Program (REBECCA, REFORM, FORECASTER), ICPDR (INVSEC) etc. She led projects focused on eutrophication (financed by B.EN.A, the Romanian Ministry for Research and Education), on ecological reconstruction (financed by the Romanian Ministry for Research and Education), on the management plan of the Danube Delta (financed by the Romanian Ministry for Environment Protection). Liliana is lead partner of the BSB-NET-Eco project (financed by the Black Sea Basin – Joint Operational Program). She is editor-in-chief of a technical periodical (DELTAICA) and of a periodical dedicated to promoting scientific events organised by INCDDD (Deltas and Wetlands – Book of Abstracts).