Dr. Ion Năvodaru is a senior researcher in the Department of Conservation of Biodiversity and Sustainable Development (Natural Resources and Sustainable Use team) at INCDDD. He has 34 years of experience in inland fisheries research, published one book, 13 book-chapters, 82 scientific papers and more than 100 scientific presentations. He led 15 national research projects, performed an international investigation on sturgeon fisheries in the Lower Danube River and Black sea coast in Serbia, Bulgaria, Romania and the Ukraine (GEF project financed by WB). He was also a lead partner of various EU projects: FP6 (GEM-CON-BIO), FP7 (TESS), and EU COST (INTERCAFE). At present, he is a lead partner for BSB – JOP, Black Sea e-Eye project. Ion worked in research teams as a scientist for 14 international and 11 national projects. He is a member of the Romanian Scientific Advisory Council of Fisheries Sector and of several international professional organisations, such as the European Ichthyologycal Society, Shad Foundation, Eurosturio, European Sustainable Use Group of IUCN, and European Inland Fisheries Advisory Commission of FAO. Ion occasionally reviews scientific manuscripts for journals, such as Fisheries Management and Ecology, Folia Zoologica, Cybium, Journal of Fish Biology, Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, and Society and Natural Resources.