Dr. Gonzalo Delacámara is a senior academic and water resources management specialist (PhD – MPhil). He is currently a Senior Research Fellow and Coordinator of the Department of Economic Analysis of Water at IMDEA Foundation. His main areas of research are related to economic analysis of biophysical flows of ecosystem services, economic analysis of aquatic ecosystems in areas subject to water scarcity and drought risk, and analysis of environmental policies. His current roles include water policy advisor to the EC DG ENV as part of the WFD CIS Working Groups on Economics and Water Accounts and to the European Parliament (2014-2018). He is also water policy advisor for the World Bank as part of the 2030 Water Resources Group (WB, IFC, WEF – 2013-2016) framework contracts in which he has led the hydroeconomic analysis of water investments. He was the Regional Coordinator for the Mediterranean at the DG ENV service contract on Integration of NWRM in RBMP and he also coordinated the economic valuation of ecosystem services in Spain. He is an international consultant on water and energy economics for UN agencies such as ECLAC, FAO, WHO-PAHO, UNDP (on the UNDP LAC Biodiversity initiative on the importance of biodiversity and ecosystems in economic growth and equity) and UNESCO, and international development banks (WB; IFC, IDB). Within a wide range of economic analysis assignments, he has worked on different studies to link water policy and macroeconomic performance in the EU (2013-2015), as part of the so-called European Semester. He has also coordinated the research team for the EU FP7 EPI-Water project (2011-2013) and also coordinates IMDEA’s contribution to the EIP-Water Action Group RiverRes and to the study for DG environment on maximising water reuse in the EU.