ACTeon – Innovation, Policy, Environment is a French-based small sized (20 persons) research and consultancy company active in the environmental field, providing support to policy development and implementation. It is specialised in the “soft” components of environmental management and policy, i.e. social and economic impacts, the value of ecosystem’s goods and services, the role of economic instruments in environmental policy, governance & institutions, mediation & communication, prospective and policy evaluation. ACTeon is providing support to policy development and implementation in the fields of water, agriculture and the environment, climate change, renewable energy, nature protection, forest, marine resources, etc. The geographic focus of activities includes France, Europe (other European countries & EU level policy initiatives), the Mediterranean region and the Caucasus.

ACTeon leads WP1, Stakeholder Engagement and Communication, and provides social and economic expertise to relevant WPs and case studies.

Dr. Pierre Strosser

Head of ACTeon, Pierre Strosser has worked for more than 20 years in the field of environmental policy. His expertise includes environmental economics, policy evaluation, institutions and governance, facilitation of multi-stakeholder processes... applied to a diversity of environmental domains including aquatic ecosystems. Pierre is regularly involved in European projects dealing with water and marine policies (WFD, MSFD, ICM/MSP), water scarcity & drought, economic instruments, employment and macro-economic impacts or governance. Pierre holds a Ph.D. in economics applied to water resources (Wageningen, the Netherlands), complemented by agriculture and environmental engineering degrees (Agro Paris and ENGREF, France). Involved in research and policy support for many years, Pierre has a very strong expertise in the development and facilitation of stakeholder processes and workshops at different decision making scales (local, regional, national, European). Next to AQUACROSS, Pierre is currently also involved in the Horizon 2020 project ResponSEAble, which is coordinated by ACTeon.

Dr. Rianne van Duinen

Dr. Rianne van Duinen is an environmental economist at ACTeon, France. She holds an MSc in environmental economics and natural resources management from Wageningen Univeristy (the Netherlands) and a PhD from the University of Twente (Enschede, the Netherlands). She has several years of experience with the valuation of (marine) ecosystem services. Rianne has previously worked on European Union projects including the FP7 project VECTORS where she contributed to the valuation of changes in marine recreational ecosystem services due to climate change. Before joining ACTeon Rianne worked for six years as an economic researcher at the research institute Deltares in the Netherlands.

Verena Mattheiß

Verena Mattheiß has an MSc in landscape ecology and nature conservation from the University of Greifswald, Germany, with a specialisation in landscape economics. She joined ACTeon in 2008. Her focus lies on European projects both in the field of environmental economics (e.g. economic valuation studies, economic instruments) and the implementation of European freshwater policy, with a particular emphasis on the Water Framework Directive. Verena has been actively involved in several studies for the European Commission, including the pilot project on Natural Water Retention Measures, which has been co-led by ACTeon. She has contributed to the FP7 project EPI-Water, and she has actively been involved in the FP7 project DEMOWARE, with her work focusing on the evaluation of environmental benefits of wastewater reuse. Next to her work in AQUACROSS, Verena is currently coordinating a French-German case study in the Horizon 2020 project SIM4NEXUS, and a large project on the socio-economic aspects of water management in the Loire-Brittany river basin (France).