This case study will examine policy to improve ecosystem-based management of fisheries and land use in the archipelago of the Azores. The focus of this study is on marine, coastal and freshwater environments with an assessment of the impact of current management practices on the status of ecosystems in the islands of the archipelago. Initial steps include an analysis of the application and implementation of relevant EU aquatic policies and strategies and local operational programmes. This study indentifies main drivers and pressures for the Azores, in addition to relevant indicators. Forecasting models are used to predict future changes in the provision of ecosystem functions and services, as well as help evaluate a range of ecosystem-based management measures to determine the effectiveness of nature-based solutions to sectoral conflicts.

Cooperating Partner: Azores Regional Directorate of Maritime Affairs (Direção Regional dos Assuntos do Mar, DRAM)

DRAM is a cooperating institutional partner for Case Study Eight: Ecosystem-based solutions to solve sectoral conflicts on the path to sustainable development in the Azores. DRAM is the government department entrusted with maximizing the benefits of the Azores’s maritime resources whilst continuing to protect their environmental quality. This includes the planning and management of protected maritime areas and other biodiversity projects, adapting to climate change, and facilitating access for fishing and tourism.

DRAM and Case Study Eight are represented on the SPBTT by Gilberto Carreira.


Azores Islands