This case study examines the process of eutrophication and restoration of good water quality and their implications for the provision of ecosystem services in the study area. An initial assessment of drivers and pressures will take into account both ecological and social perspectives. Collected data is used in participatory socio-ecological models to explore scenarios of catchment use and restoration and address conceptual questions of resilience. This study also examines possible future trajectories under different management settings through scenario projection and analysis considering responses to climate change, policy requirements, integrated catchment management and changes in water quality.

Cooperating Partner: Municipality of Höör

Höörs Kommun, the Municipality of Höör, is cooperating with AQUACROSS for Case Study Six: Understanding eutrophication processes and restoring good water quality in Lake Ringsjön, Sweden. The Municipality if Höör is located in southern Sweden. It has general council and municipal responsibilities in the region, including environmental planning and protection. Given the number of lakes and rivers in the area that have been affected by agricultural runoff and other causes of eutrophication, it has developed considerable expertise investigating management solutions to these challenges.

The Municipality of Höör and case study six are represented on the SPBTT by Marcus Ohlsson.


Lake Ringsjön - Rönne å Catchment in Kattegat — Sweden