ACTeon – Innovation, Policy, Environment is a French-based small sized (20 persons) research and consultancy company active in the environmental field, providing support to policy development and implementation. It is specialised in the “soft” components of environmental management and policy, i.e. social and economic impacts, the value of ecosystem’s goods and services, the role of economic instruments in environmental policy, governance & institutions, mediation & communication, prospective and policy evaluation. ACTeon is providing support to policy development and implementation in the fields of water, agriculture and the environment, climate change, renewable energy, nature protection, forest, marine resources, etc. The geographic focus of activities includes France, Europe (other European countries & EU level policy initiatives), the Mediterranean region and the Caucasus.

ACTeon leads WP1, Stakeholder Engagement and Communication, and provides social and economic expertise to relevant WPs and case studies.

Alexandra Rossi

Alexandra Rossi gained her master’s degree at the AgroParisTech School. She is specialised in agronomy and economics. She worked at the French Agency for Development in Chad on water and rural development projects. She has been working at ACTeon since 2011, where her focus lies on links between agriculture and environment in politics at different territory scales, leading studies on water quality management in relation to agriculture pressures (socio-economic studies on agriculture, practices and agribusiness) or ecosystem services produced by agriculture (feasibility study for the implementation of payments for ecosystem services). Within AQUACROSS, she helps to facilitate and develop stakeholder processes, especially with respect to the Science-Policy-Business Think Tank and Case Studies.

Dr. Fabienne Kervarec

Dr. Fabienne Kervarec is senior socio-economist at ACTeon. Fabienne is specialised in environmental governance and public policy analysis, with a focus on water policy and coastal and marine issues, at local, national and European scales. She is especially interested in issues related to analysis of decision-making process, policy implementation enhancement at different levels, stakeholders’ perceptions and social acceptability. She contributes or has contributed as an expert or project manager to a diversity of studies and research projects related to environmental policies, developing stakeholder involvement methodologies: policy evaluation, river basin management plans, strategic foresight exercise, and research projects related to water and coastal policies (e.g. Cap-and-trade, DEMOWARE, etc.). She’s currently coordinating the regional processes and the work package for policy recommendations, for the H2020 project “ResponSEAble” dealing with Ocean Literacy.

Verena Mattheiß

Verena Mattheiß has an MSc in landscape ecology and nature conservation from the University of Greifswald, Germany, with a specialisation in landscape economics. She has been working at ACTeon since 2008. Her focus lies on European projects both in the field of environmental economics (e.g. economic valuation studies, economic instruments) and the implementation of European freshwater policy, with a particular emphasis on the Water Framework Directive. Verena has been actively involved in several studies for the European Commission, including the recent pilot project on Natural Water Retention Measures. She has contributed to the FP7 project EPI-Water, and she is actively involved in the FP7 DEMOWARE Project, with her work focusing on the evaluation of environmental benefits of wastewater reuse.

Camille Parrod

Camille Parrod is a policy analyst and consultant at ACTeon, where she is involved in activities related to climate change adaptation and integrated water and coastal zone management. Within the 7th Framework Programme (FP7) of the European Union (EU), she is currently investigating conditions under which adaptation to climate change can be integrated at a policy-making level in coastal zones (ADAPT-MED project). Contributions for the European Commission (Directorate-General for Environment) include a service contract on the Integration of Natural Water Retention Measures in River basin management (NWRM project) and Support to Activities related to the EU Policy on Integrated Coastal Management (ICM) and Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP). Camille holds a master’s degree (LL.M.) in environmental law and global sustainability from the University of Ottawa, Canada.